Product details

Product specifications


Note: According to the special requirements of the user to produce other specifications of the plate.

Physical and mechanical properties and safety performance

Product Features

Protectpan can be applied to indoor partition, ceiling, smoke ducting, smoke curtain as well as building structure protection in civil buildings.
1. Durable
More than 70% of the composition is same as granite, more than 10% same as marble.

2. High strength
The lowest strength (in parallel direction) is ≥5.5Mpa while the highest strength (in cross direction) ≥7Mpa, which meets the installation and transportation requirement of the civil building. Both flexibility and bending strength are higher than the international famous brand of Calcium Silicate Board, The performances of the board are as good as the international brands of CSB all over the world.

3. Light weight
The highest density of the board is ≤0.95g/cm3. It can be used in both new and old building, as the light weight of fireproof board settles the problems of the renovation for the old building, It won’t affect its original construction structure.

4. Low thermal conductivity in normal and high temperature
With the properties of excellent thermal insulation, it reduces the energy consume by air conditioner in the building. The outstanding high temperature thermal insulation performance has guaranteed the safety of people and belonging through fire conducting.

5. High fireproof temperature
The product can stand the temperature up to 1200℃ for 4 hours.  

6. High fire rating
The reasonable fireproof system design should meets the request in 4 hours fire rating for partition and 1 hour fire rating for ceiling, the performance of our product is as good as the international brands of Calcium Silicate Board.

7. The excellent performances of anti-high temperature and anti-crack make it becomes the professional fireproof product, as well as the performance of fire rating is as good as other international brands of Calcium Silicate Board.

8. Low density
With the properties of light weight, Protectpan is convenience for worker to carry, easy to cut, and can be used as ceiling decoration.

9. Incombustible material
Meeting the standard of GB 8624-2006 and BS 476 in UK and passed the grade A in incombustibility test, which is the guarantee of fire proof. 

10. Inorganic material
Its fire proof, anti fungus and mould proof which are good for the health of the user.



1.Insulating material and framework composes the non-loading system for partition and ceiling.
2.Protectpan can absorb the moisture in spring and summer, then release in autumn and winter in order to balance indoor humidity, therefore it improve the indoor humid environment, providing a better living condition for user.
3.The smooth surface of board can improve the decorative effect of buildings.
Other applications:
◎Tunnel partition wall system
◎Cleaning room in hospital and laboratory
◎Operating room in hospital
◎Pharmaceutical production clean room in hospital