Product details

Product specifications


Note: According to the special requirements of the user to produce other specifications of the plate.

Physical and mechanical properties and safety performance

Product Features

1. Durable
More than 50% of the composition is same as granite, more than 20% same as marble.

2. High strength
The lowest strength (in parallel) is ≥7Mpa. While the strength (in cross) is ≥9Mpa which meets the requirement of National related standard and civil Interior building standard.

3. Low thermal conductivity
Outstanding thermal insulation and keeping warm capability can reduce the loss and expense of air-conditioner and warm gas. 

4.Low density & light weight
The property of light weight especially fit for the ceiling of buildings.

5.Incombustible Material

6.Inorganic material
It is fire proof, anti fungus and antiseptic which is good for health.

7.It can be used for many kinds of building, because of its capability for anti-chemical corrosive.

8. High quality and price competitive



1.Buyerpan can absorb the moisture in spring and summer, then it can release in autumn and winter to balance the indoor humidity, in order that it can improve the indoor humid environment, better feeling for the user.

2.The partition and ceiling of Buyerpan can improve the performance of thermal insulation and moisture-proof, reducing energy consume by air-conditioner.

3.The smooth surface of board can improve the decorative effect of buildings.

◎Cleaning room in hospital and laboratory
◎Operating room in hospital
◎Pharmaceutical production clean room in hospital