Product details

Product specifications


Note: According to the special requirements of the user to produce other specifications of the plate.

Physical and mechanical properties and safety performance

Product Features

1. Ceramic tile adhesion
Because of its unique embossing surface, Backerpan has much greater tensile bond strength than other building board. 

2. Security
The key requirement used in wet areas is superior resistance to moisture damage in the event that the material gets wet, reduced tile adhesion is one of the main problems moisture penetration causes. Backerpan from New Element is resistant to moisture damage, which means that even if the materials does get wet, it won't deform or lose its structural integrity, like many other materials.

3. Durable
More than 60% of the composition is same as granite, more than 20% same as marble.

4. High strength
The lowest strength ( in parallel ) is ≥8 MPa, While the highest strength (in cross ) is ≥10 which meets the requirement of National related standard and civil Interior building standard.

5. Low density
Its density is ≥1.2. It can be used in both new and old building, as the light weight of the board settles the problems of the renovation for the old building, It won’t affect its original construction structure.

6. Incombustibility material
Meeting the standard of International ISO 1182, National GB 8624-2006 and BS 476 from UK which is guarantee of fireproof. All the results of sampling can reach the highest grade A1 which is the highest grade, therefore it meets the requirement of fireproof building standard.

7. Backerpan is resistant to damage from termites, mould growth, rot and fire.

8. Inorganic material

9. It can be used for many kinds of buildings, because of its capability for anti-chemical corrosive.



Backerpan can be used as an internal wall and ceiling lining in bathrooms, laundries, kitchens and high traffic areas in residential, medium density and commercial buildings, where a durable wet area lining and seamless flat surface is required for tiles, wallpaper or paint.