Siding plank
Siding plank
Product name Piping board
Density 1.3±0.1g/cm3
Non-combustibility Class A
Asbestos content Asbestos free
Regular thickness 7.5, 9(mm)
Regular length 3050(mm)
Regular width 192(mm)


Piping board


Product details


备注: 可根据用户的特殊要求生产其他规格的板材。





Technical index of drape board



Detection index




Wet swelling rate



Water absorption rate



Thermal conductivity



Saturated water flexural strength



Modulus of Elasticity



Impact resistance



Non-combustibility Class A





Meet the requirements

Asbestos content


Asbestos free

Water impermeability


Wet marks appear on the reverse side of the board, and no water droplets appear

Frost-resistant appearance                     


100 freeze-thaw cycles, no cracks, no delamination, and no other visible defects. It can be used in severe cold areas.   

Product performance:


Satisfy: Fiber cement flat plate requirements---

JCT 412.1—2018


 Product features

1. Very long service life. More than 60% of the material composition is the same as the main composition of granite, and more than 20% is the same as marble; 
2. High strength. The lowest strength (parallel fiber direction) ≥ 14 MPa, and the highest strength (vertical fiber direction) & ge; 16 MPa. Fully meet the national civil building anti-typhoon requirements; 
3. Light weight and low water absorption. The density is 1.3 & plusmn; 0.1, and the water absorption is below 35%. It can be used in new buildings without considering the additional load of the structure and the wall. At the same time, the light weight can meet the needs of the renovation of the exterior wall of the old building and solve the leakage problem of the exterior wall. There is no need to worry about the impact of weight on the original structure;  

4. Completely non-combustible materials. It meets the GB8624-2006 standard, the detection reaches the highest A1 level, no smoke is produced, and meets the requirements of the ISO-1182 standard. Make users' fire safety guaranteed;
5. The excellent impact strength makes the product suitable for buildings with high crowd density and on the side of the road; 
6. Excellent thermal insulation function. The drape board system has functions such as ventilation, balanced air pressure, high thermal resistance, etc., which can effectively achieve the effect of warming in winter and cooling in summer, saving users' daily expenses; 
7. Low moisture absorption rate and low water absorption rate. Make the product very suitable for use in wet construction areas such as outdoor occasions; 
8. Completely inorganic board. The drape board is fireproof, anti-mildew, and anti-bacterial, so that the health of users is protected; 
9. Excellent resistance to general chemical corrosion. So that users don’t have to worry about whether the place of use is appropriate; 
10. Excellent performance-price ratio. Compared with similar products of famous international brands, the performance-price ratio is the best.


 Application range

1. The design purpose of the drape board is to be used in the outdoor occasions of various high-end civil residential buildings that pay attention to artistic effects. Purpose. It is especially suitable for exterior walls of modern high-end villas or multi-story high-end residential buildings.  

2. The drape board has high impact resistance and high bending strength. It is especially suitable for exterior walls of high-end villas and multi-storey high-end residential buildings in coastal areas where typhoons often occur. It is also suitable for interior decoration in European and American style restaurants, art galleries, theaters and other places that pay attention to expressing European and American styles. The cedar wood grain decoration effect of the drape board is very prominent, which is suitable for buildings that pursue natural, harmonious and artistic effects.  

3. The drape board, air layer and structural framework jointly build the outdoor storage wall system.  

4. The peripheral wall system of the building room formed by the selection board has the functions of ventilation, balancing wind pressure, heat preservation and heat insulation, reducing the water vapor penetration of the building structure and wall, and preventing the leakage of the external wall of the building.  

5. The elongated sheet surface and the overlapping appearance characteristics can improve the appearance and decoration effect of the building, and enhance the sense of line and layering of the outer wall. The concave-convex cedar wood grain on the board emphasizes the coordination and adaptation of the building and nature, and reflects the harmonious relationship between man and nature. The product is suitable for the use of new buildings, and also suitable for the renovation of the exterior walls of old buildings.

6. In addition to various high-end civil villas and multi-storey high-end residential buildings, it is also suitable for the following purposes: 
◎The wall panels of art venues; 
◎House art wall siding and bottom liner; 
◎Art architecture in the park.