Floor King
Floor King
Product name Floor King
Density 1.2~1.35g/cm3
Non-combustibility Class A
Asbestos content Asbestos free
Regular thickness 24(mm)
Regular length 2440(mm)
Regular width 1220(mm)

Product details

 Product specifications


Thickness (mm)

Width (mm)

Length (mm)




Remarks: Other specifications of plates can be produced according to the special requirements of users.

  Physical and mechanical properties








g/ cm3

Thermal conductivity



Moisture content



Wet swelling rate



Average flexural strength

(Dry state)







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  Safety performance





Asbestos content

100% asbestos free

Safe to use






IRa <1.0

Ir <1.0

At the same time, it meets the radioactivity requirements of building theme materials and Class A decoration materials, and its production, marketing and application scope are not restricted.


GB8624-2012A1 level

Non-combustible materials

The most advanced smoke-free drug




   product features

Floor King is used for floor floors. It is a lightweight, high-density, high-strength, and overall flatness, non-combustible, non-radioactive inorganic board.  
1. The effective service life is extremely long. More than 60% of the material composition is the same as the main composition of granite, and more than 20% is the same as marble;
2. High strength. Flexural strength ≥ 15MPa, can bear a certain load. Fully meet the relevant national standards and indoor use requirements of civil buildings;
3. Light weight. About 30-40kg/m2. It can greatly reduce the weight of the building. It can be used in new buildings without considering the additional load. At the same time, the light weight can meet the use of floor floors in old buildings, without having to bear the weight of the original structure's bearing capacity;
4. Completely non-combustible materials. It meets the international ISO-1182, national GB 8624-2006 and British BS 476 standards, and all the supervision sampling test results have reached the highest level of non-combustibility A1. Fully meet the safe use requirements of the building, so that users' fire safety is guaranteed;
5. Excellent resistance to high temperature cracking. The fire rating of high-rise buildings can be improved. Reasonable fire protection system design can make the fire resistance limit of the partition wall fully meet the fire protection requirements of high-rise civil buildings, comparable to similar products of international famous brands;
6. Low moisture absorption rate and low water absorption rate make the product suitable for wet building areas such as toilets and kitchens;
7. Completely inorganic board. Environmental protection materials that can prevent mildew, bacteria, and non-radioactive, so that the health of users is protected;
8. Excellent resistance to corrosion by general chemicals. So that users don’t have to worry about whether the place of use is suitable;
9. Excellent performance-price ratio. Compared with similar products of famous international brands (real non-asbestos calcium silicate products), the performance-price ratio is the best;
10. The construction is simple, fast and dry, which can greatly shorten the construction time;
11. High flatness, especially suitable for decoration such as floor coating, floor glue or wooden floor.
12. The floor king has been incorporated into the North China Standard BJ series special drawing collection-10BJZ46. The designer can design flexibly or directly use the plans in the drawing collection in the design.

 Application range

Floor King is used for floor flooring, which is lightweight, high-density, high-strength and high overall flatness