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Source:Guangdong New Element Building Material Co., Ltd   |   Release time:2020.07.23
New Elements·New Starting Point·New Journey
The most beautiful April day in the world, Fangfei April flowers are red. The chill of spring was gradually gone, and the breath of spring grew stronger. New Elements in April ushered in a special day, this day will always be remembered in the hearts of New Elements people, and will always be engraved in the history of New Elements.
On April 18th, on this exciting day, the launching ceremony of Guangdong New Element Board Co., Ltd.'s listing plan and informatization project upgrade was grandly held, which marked the new element will enter a more mature stage. Start a more brand-new journey and create a more brilliant tomorrow.
Attending the launching ceremony meeting were: Guangdong New Element Board Chairman Luo Zhonggao, shareholder and general manager Pan Qiliang, shareholder and legal representative Luo Zhongen, shareholder Chen Jinqing, shareholder Chen Fenji, senior consultant Wu Guorui, and Foshan Rui Mr. Huang Zhaohui, general manager of Jie Technology Co., Ltd., He Qingjian, deputy general manager of the Investment Banking Department of Dongguan Securities Co., Ltd. pioneered, partner Qian Jiafa, executive director of Beijing Deheheng (Foshan) Law Firm, and partner Zhongshen Zhonghuan Certified Public Accountants Zhao Ming, partner Zhonghuan Haihua Tax Agents, etc. attended the meeting at the same time.
The launch of the listing plan and the informatization project upgrade will promote the digitization of personnel administration management of new elements, the digitization of warehouse management, ERP system upgrades, equipment upgrades and other aspects of informatization upgrades, which will help the new elements to pass data Analyze and conduct more refined management, continuously improve technology and equipment, and at the same time provide customers with better products and services. The company's listing means that we are about to join hands to enter a new development platform and space, and it also means that we are about to face new market competition and challenges together. We know that where there are challenges, there are opportunities, and there are opportunities for higher development. We will unswervingly fight side by side, for the company on this road of sustainable development, overcoming obstacles, and innovating elements and new brilliance.
At 10:30 am on April 18th, under the leadership of Chairman Luo Zhonggao, shareholder and general manager Pan Qiliang, shareholder and legal representative Luo Zhongen, shareholder Chen Jinqing, and shareholder Chen Fenji jointly launched the ceremony ball, which also symbolized the new element will open a new chapter !
In the future, "New Elements" will continue to adhere to the simultaneous advancement of domestic and foreign markets, continue to develop new products, open up new application areas, and focus on the company's core values ​​of "trust to beauty, create a win-win", increase production capacity, To build quality, promote sales, and strengthen service, stride forward towards the goal of listing!