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Personnel manager1-3 yearsGuangzhou Tianheundergraduate22020-06-02
Job responsibilities:

1.According to the existing preparation and business development needs, coordinate and count the recruitment needs of each department, and prepare the annual recruitment plan;

2.Establish and improve the company's recruitment process and recruitment system;

3.Use various recruitment channels to publish recruitment advertisements and seek for recruitment agencies;

4.Implement recruitment, selection, interview, selection and placement;

5.Conduct pre employment test and resume screening;

6.Make full use of various recruitment channels to meet the company's talent needs;

7.We will establish reserve talent selection programs and talent reserve mechanisms.

8.Assist to establish position matching model.


1.Bachelor degree or above in human resources, labor and social security, labor relations, etc

2.No work experience required

3.Have professional knowledge of recruitment, be familiar with recruitment workflow and recruitment channels, and be familiar with national labor Laws and regulations on dynamic contract and human resource management

4.Good communication skills

5.Have affinity, can arrange interview job properly

6.Be conscientious, responsible and good at learning.

Excellent conditions can be applied for HR & Admin Supervisor)

Career development of senior recruiters

Recruitment director, recruitment manager, HR & Admin Manager, director

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