Product name Cladboard
Density 1.6g/cm3
Non-combustibility Class A
Asbestos content Asbestos free
Regular thickness 9.12.15(mm)
Regular length 2440(mm)
Regular width 1220(mm)


Product details

Product specifications


General specifications

Production thickness (mm)

Length (mm)

Width (mm)


9, 12, 15



Other special specifications can be produced according to user requirements, but the length and width of conventional specifications cannot be exceeded.



Environmental protection and safety performance of new element board






Asbestos content


Safe to use


Internal Exposure Index IRa


It is much smaller than the national standard on the radioactive index limit requirements of Class A materials, and its application building parts are not restricted.

External exposure index Ir




The highest level of non-combustibility, and its application building parts are not restricted


Physical properties of Jiabao board







Wet rise rate  



Humidity deformation



Water absorption                    



Thermal conductivity



Saturated water flexural strength



Modulus of Elasticity



Impact resistance  



Water impermeability


Wet marks appeared on the back of the board, and no water droplets appeared.

Frost resistance appearance

Freezing resistance


100 freeze-thaw cycles, no cracks, no delamination, and no other visible defects. It can be used in severe cold areas.              


The ratio of flexural strength between the freeze-thaw cycle specimen and the comparative specimen in saturated water state: ≥0.8

Resistance to rain 


No visible cracks, delamination or other defects on the board surface. Hot water resistance



The ratio of the flexural strength of the saturated water state of the hot water immersion test piece and the comparison test piece: ≥0.8

Resistance to dry and wet 


The ratio of flexural strength of immersion-dry specimen and comparison specimen in saturated state: ≥0.75



Class A, no smoke and no toxic gas generated during combustion

No radioactivity


Complies with Class A decoration materials, within a safe range, harmless to organisms

Asbestos free


100% asbestos-free, no threat to human health.



Product performance:

Meet: Non-load-bearing fiber cement board requirements for external walls--JC/T396-2018

Satisfy: Fiber cement flat plate requirements---

JCT 412.1—2018

Meet the requirements of fiber-reinforced calcium silicate board--JC/T564.1-2018

Design basis:

National Building Standard Design Atlas: Artificial Panel Curtain Wall


System wind pressure value 5500N/m2


Product Features

1. The effective service life is extremely long. More than 60% of the material composition is the same as the main composition of granite, and more than 20% is the same as marble.

2. Jiabao board is a whole body color, and the pigment is an inorganic material, which is less affected by weather such as light and heat, and its fading can basically be ignored.

3. High strength. The saturated strength is 18MPa, which fully meets the requirements of national civil buildings to resist typhoon.

4. Light weight. It can be used in new and old buildings, and there is no need to consider the additional load of the wall for the old buildings, and there is no need to worry about the impact of weight on the original structure. In addition, the Jiabao board curtain wall and external wall system can also solve the problem of external wall leakage.

5. Good sound insulation performance. The product is especially suitable for buildings with high privacy requirements as indoor sound insulation wall sound insulation ceilings.

6. Completely non-combustible materials. It meets the GB 8624—2012 standard, the non-combustibility reaches the highest level A, and meets the requirements of the ISO-1182 standard. Make users' fire safety guaranteed.

7. Excellent impact strength makes the product suitable for places with high crowd density. Such as shopping malls, hotel corridors, schools, dance halls, hospital outpatient areas, etc.

8. Low moisture absorption rate and low water absorption rate. The product is very suitable for use in outdoor places and indoor toilets  and kitchens and other wet building areas.

9. Completely inorganic board. Jiabao board is fireproof, anti-mildew and anti-bacteria, so that the health of users is protected.

10. No radioactivity. It can be used in any part of any building. Make the user's use environment more secure.

11. Excellent resistance to general chemical corrosion.

12. Excellent performance-price ratio. Compared with similar products (100% asbestos-free products), the cost performance is the best.


Application scope

1. Jiabao board can be used in various outdoor occasions of high-end public and civil high-rise and low-rise buildings. With its excellent performances such as weather resistance, safety, fire protection, heat preservation, heat insulation, sound insulation, earthquake resistance, and wall leakage resistance, it is especially suitable for the exterior walls and curtain walls of modern high-end buildings. It can also be used for interior decoration.

2. Features of curtain wall and exterior wall system composed of Jiabao board (new element board) and steel frame for construction

Thermal insulation and thermal insulation performance: The external thermal insulation of external walls can be applied to cold areas.

Sound insulation performance: up to 50dB or more.

Fire performance: up to more than 2 hours and meet the requirements of the fire protection code GB50016-2014.

Seismic performance: The weight of the system is very light 35-70kg/m2, and it can withstand a certain displacement and deformation.

Wind pressure resistance performance: the wind pressure value can reach 5500N/m2.

3. Curtain wall and external wall system can improve the existing external wall leakage problem.

The large-format and flat surface of Jiabao Board can improve the appearance and decoration effect of the building. It is suitable for new buildings and also for the renovation of the exterior walls of old buildings. It is also suitable for use as an indoor partition wall in places with high crowd density such as schools, shopping malls, hotels, theaters, etc.