Steel column fireproof coating
Steel column fireproof coating

Product details

Bote board steel structure fire protection coating system can effectively extend the time for building steel structure components to reach the critical temperature in a fire. If you encounter other special structures in the actual project, please consult the technical department of our company.
Special part wrapping method:
Method 1: Steel column covering the wall area
Fix the fireproof board with M6 expansion bolts.
Method two: double bread coating
Fix the L-shaped light steel keel 40×40×0.6mm on the wall with M6 expansion bolts, and then use the self-tapping screws to fix the fire board on the L-shaped light steel keel.
Method Three: Three Breads
Fix the fire board with L-shaped keel and U-shaped keel, as shown in the figure.
Method 4: Four breads
Fix the fireproof board through the U-shaped keel, as shown in the figure.
Note: Bote fireproof board can be coated with steel columns with different cross-sectional shapes, such as I-beam, T-shaped, channel steel, square and cylindrical, etc.