[Corporate Information] "New Elements" organized a gro

Source:Guangdong New Element Building Material Co., Ltd   |   Release time:2020.07.23
This morning (May 18), Mr. Pan Qiliang, general manager of Guangdong New Element Board Co., Ltd., led the company’s management staff to Mona Lisa Group Co., Ltd. for a visit and study,
Mr. Zhang Qikang, director of Mona Lisa Group, enthusiastically received the new elements and his party, and led a tour of Mona Lisa's production workshop, product exhibition hall and other display areas.
After the visit, the representatives of the two companies also had a discussion. Zhang Dong introduced the Mona Lisa to the new elements.
Advanced experience such as development history, business philosophy, brand marketing, cost reduction and efficiency enhancement, as well as a series of problems and solutions encountered during the listing process.
The management staff of New Elements said that this visit and study has benefited a lot, especially the clean production of Mona Lisa,
Environmental protection work and the advanced management mechanism of the group have many successful experiences that are worth learning and learning from new elements.
Mr. Pan Qiliang, General Manager of New Elements, said that Mona Lisa Group is a model in the ceramic industry and a model for New Elements people to learn from.
In the future, the people of New Elements will further clarify the company's strategic positioning, strictly control product quality, attach importance to brand building, learn excellent business concepts, and work hard for the "New Elements Dream"!
At the end of the event, the New Elements group took a group photo with Mr. Xiao Libiao, President of Mona Lisa Group.